Nirvanavan Foundation
A Charitable Organization Based in Rajasthan, India

Adopt a School

It’s nice of course to send a lump sum of money. It is greatly appreciated. The Foundation now has ten schools in the area. But what in some ways is more important is to know that there is a regular income to support the work of the schools.

Each school costs about Rs. 4,500 (~£60) per month. This provides all the materials for the teacher and children (chalk, paper, writing materials etc), other basic school equipment and also pays the salaries of the teachers and other running costs.

By committing to pay a certain amount each month you can help guarantee that the children have the necessary ‘tools to learn’.

Please make a regular contribution (minimum of £5 per month). You will receive information about ‘your’ school – a photograph & regular news about activities.

Who knows, one day you may even visit!

Last Updated: Tuesday the 29th July, 2008