Nirvanavan Foundation
A Charitable Organization Based in Rajasthan, India

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Donate by Cheque (UK Only)

Please make cheques payable to Nirvanavan Foundation, and send to:

Richard Roberts (KD)

70, Thurleigh Road

London SW12 8UD

Donate Regularly by Direct Debit (UK Only)

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To make a one-off donation online via PayPal

Please follow the link below to the PayPal site.


One-off donations are wonderful and are greatly appreciated.  However, a monthly subscription is even better.  When we know how much we are receiving each month we can plan ahead much more efficiently.  We have four levels of support:


BRONZE SUPPORT: £5 PER MONTH.  This will provide an education for three children for one month.


SILVER SUPPORT: £10 PER MONTH.  This will provide an education for six children for one month.


GOLD SUPPORT: £20 PER MONTH.  Twelve children will receive an education each month.


PLATINUM SUPPORT: £50 PER MONTH.  Will provide a whole class, the teachers salary, plus all materials.



Last Updated: Tuesday the 10th July, 2012