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KD, 9th May 2012

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Nirvanavan Foundation Trust UK

Richard Roberts, 10th December 2010

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The Trustees Report 2009/10 of the Nirvanavan Foundation Trust, UK.

latest news march 2010

kd, 4th April 2010

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latest news from the Foundation

Latest news March 2009

kd, 12th February 2009

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Halim Ina's Visit to Alwar

Halim Ina, 30th July 2008

Key Extracts: Photographer Halim Ina spent some time working Foundation's Alternative Education Project in some of the local prostitution villages. He writes eloquently about his visit.

A Home for Children

Krishnadhyanam, 30th July 2008

Key Extracts:

Share our vision for the next stages of our work: Advaita Garden Village.

Krishnadhyanam's Visit to Alwar

Krishnadhyanam, 1st March 2006

Key Extracts: Krishnadhyanam talks about his visit to the Alwar region in March 2006.


The Nirvanavan Foundation Trust is a registered charity in the U.K. which exists to support the work of the Foundation in India. Here are their newsletters:

Newsletter 2008 (Autumn) (doc, 5.9mb)

Newsletter 2008 (doc, 75kb)

Newsletter 2007 (doc, 88kb)

Newsletter 2006 (doc, 56kb)


Advaita Garden School (doc, 6.8mb)

Advaita Garden Village (doc, 6.5mb)

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